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wSHDCOM plus 1.32

wSHDCOM plus 1.32

wSHDCOM plus Publisher's Description

wSHDCOM is a program for debugging and spying serial communications with following features:
  • Manually send one or more data via serial port in decimal, hexadecimal, ASCII or binary format
  • Time stamp on each received and/or sent byte
  • History of all data sent
  • Display sent/received data in hex dump mode
  • Posibility to show sent/received data in hex, dec, bin or oct format
  • Save communication session on disk for later review
  • Sent communication session via e-mail directly from program
  • Export communication session to HTML format
  • Copy selected portion of communication session to clipboard
  • Possibility to spy communication using two serial port (ViewCOMM mode)
  • Small and compact program.
  • Possibility to spy communication without port using NT driver (not available under Win95, 98 or ME)
  • TCP/IP bridging - Access serial device located on other side of your LAN or even WAN
  • Protocol analyzer - Display received data in more 'human readable' form
  • Terminal mode - Communicate with remote device using simple terminal program
  • Plugins support - Use simple, in C, C++ or other languages written, plugins to analyze received data
  • Small plugin integrated editor - Syntax highlight for VB and C, intelisence for wSHDCOM functions, blocks, etc..
  • Integrated plugins compilation support - Compile your plugins from wSHDCOM using a simple C compiler included with wSHDCOM or/and use compiler you more familiar with it
  • Control signal monitoring - Display informations about control signals
  • Serial line error reporting - Display informations about line errors like framing errors, parity error, breaks, etc...
  • "High data load" mode - Receiveing a lot of data on high speed? In standard mode this can freeze wSHDCOM until it process all this data, but this mode is specialy designed to keep program in better shape
  • Full screen mode - Run wSHDCOM in full mode like Visual Studio or Word
  • Menu and toolbar customisation options
  • Search buffer capability
  • Command line switches support
  • Install and uninstall program
  • Help
  • Easy to use

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